New Launched – Stereovision

Millilken one of Cornerstone Building Supply partners is excited to announced a new launched of there two new patterns in the Stereovision collection which are Light Wave and Mainframe. An abstract interpretation of stereoscopic art, this collection fuses modern design motifs with playful surrealism.

Mainframe carpet

MainFrame Vs. Light Wave

Come explore a new dimension of visual interest and movement with Mainframe. It has a contrasting line weights which in mind calls the visual depth of steroscopic art, adding a layer of linear intrigue. 

Mainframe carpet

For Light Wave on the other hand it is infused with subtle hints of texture, taking an impressionistic approach to design. It will amplify you with this harmonious combination of colors.

The Powerlines / QS Collections

The two new products added to the Stereovision and is a part of the Powerlines Quick Ship program, it can ship within 3 weeks. With this enhanced service model, you get the added benefit of both beauty and speedy delivery.

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