Our Team

Ernie Archuleta - Our TeamTel: 801-409-1388


Ernie Archuleta 

Project Administrator

Ernie directs the daily operations of Cornerstone Building Supply, providing management support for projects and staff. His specialty is in developing and maintaining vendor relationships and providing continuing education and training for product lines. He also serves as the internal product rep for finishes, mechanical, concrete, and masonry.

Stephanie Magrath - Our TeamTel: 801-409-1366

Stephanie Magrath 

Account Manager

Stephanie is responsible for bookkeeping and data management for Cornerstone. She processes and maintains records of all orders and invoices and also tracks important project metrics. Stephanie also provides additional support to each team member to ensure the highest level of customer service.

John Workman - Our TeamTel: 801-409-1063


John Workman 

Retail Sales Manager

John is responsible for the management of all retail product sales, specializing in seating, carpet tile, vinyl flooring, and play structures and equipment. He also oversees Division 10 specialty products that are specified for BGW projects, including Bradley Restroom Accessories, Hadrian Restroom Partitions and additional non-division 10 products like roof access ladders & hatches and Irwin Theater & Telescopic Seating.