Why Cork?

Cork flooring is offered by Surface Resources, a Cornerstone Building Supply partner. Cork flooring is a climate positive choice with exceptional durability and endless benefits. It is manufactured from completely natural raw material and is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable.

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The Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because its cells work as an acoustic insulator. The floors can easily cut noise within a room and act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath, making it exceptionally efficient to use in commercial spaces.

Other benefits of cork flooring include the added thermal insulation and improved air quality. Walking comfort is also a huge advantage. Walking on hard floors creates energy that moves upward towards our muscles and tendons. Floors that are too soft can cause fatigue and aren’t easy to walk on.  Amorim Cork Flooring offers the perfect mix because it helps reduce heel strike impacts and related body tensions, but are stable enough to help foot impulse and provide the needed stability to reduce effort on walking and decrease body fatigue.

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Cork Harvesting

Cork harvesting today still requires centuries-old, traditional methods requiring decades of training. The cork industry has some of the highest paid harvesters in the world. Also it is considered a handcrafted job that requires years of practice and a know-how that crosses generations. In order to preserve the cork oak tree, it has to be done by highly trained and skillful specialists. Harvesting of cork takes place in 9 year cycles between May and August. This is the period when the cork oak tree is at its most active phase of growth and is easier to strip. 

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Reusable & Renewable

Since no trees are actually cut down during harvesting, cork is also a sustainability industry. Cork is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable and it’s one of the world’s most versatile materials. Understated but full of potential, cork is a raw material like no other due to its unique chemical composition.

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